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Saturday 15 October 2016, 10:00-18:00, annual village market Gansingen
Saturday 22 October 2016, 10:00-20:00, we´re brewing
Saturday 12 November 2016, 10:00-20:00, we´re brewingimage-bottles


Our story

The enterprise that is 3bier is expressed in one word: Passion
The friends, Petra, Mesbah, Marcel and Claudia show that is possible to brew unique beers. By combining technical know-how and craftsmanship they brew for the pleasure of their customers. The right note is struck by the fact that they incorporate what is best from their respective homelands, Bavaria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. 3bier unifies a passion for brewing with time honoured craftsmanship and uncommon flair.

Who we are

Petra Meißner

The Bavarian
Event planning, Accounting, Finance, Sales
The diplomat with a balancing touch who welcomes you with a warm smile

Marcel Emmerling

The Bernese
Passionate brewer, Purchasing
Precise and dependable like a fine Swiss timepiece

Mesbah Creitz

The Luxembourger
Systems enginering, Yeast culture, Bottleing
All challenges are taken on with a spirit of “Of course we can do it!”

Claudia Steinacher

The Aargovian
Catering, Event planing, Service, Sales
The styleful creative force that delivers with elan


Our beers


3bier Lager

Unfiltered, full-bodied amber-coloured, aromatic with a nice balance between hop and malt flavours



3bier Pils

Unfiltered, aromatic, fruity (citrus flavours) golden and refreshing



Where to find us

Things to do around the brewery

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Enjoy the breath-taking views of the Black Forest, Alps and Voges Mountains from one vantage point, the top platform of the Chaisacher Turm.



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